Afternoon Skid Pan Mt Cotton – Brisbane – 4 August 2024


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Learn the basics of car control in wet conditions with our experienced team on hand for any driving needs. 

The Mt Cotton event runs for 4 hour sessions on a wet diesel skid pan which is low wear and tear on tyres & vehicles. All registered vehicles are welcome, this includes all drive types from FWD, RWD to AWD.


The morning session runs from 08:15 – 12:15, be at the gates at 07:45.

The afternoon session runs from 12:45 – 16:45, be at the gates at 12:15.


  • All vehicles used on the skid pan require a current registration. No cars can be trailered to the facility
  • All 16+ drivers welcome! (Drivers must hold a current drivers licence and P’s or above are required for hire car users)
  • Spectator to enter the venue in the car of a participating driver
  • Strictly limited to 1 spectator per booked spot
  • Minimum passenger age 7, must be tall enough to fit in the front seat without a booster
  • Enclosed shoes are to be worn by all drivers and passengers
  • No drones are allowed to be used inside the facility.
  • Drivers must have a valid and current driver’s licence
  • No drifting (At least one skid recovery per lap to be explained at the introduction)
  • No cars over 90db (No screamer pipes) allowed on track and management reserves the right to remove any vehicles over the limit (random sound tests are carried out, EPA limits apply)
  • Cars must not be driving on space saver wheels on the track.
  • All panels, lights and windows must be present on vehicles
  • No loud music, revving or general hooning off the track. Anyone caught messing around outside of the dedicated track areas will be removed from the venue immediately, no exceptions!
  • No dogs or any other pets allowed inside the venue
  • No Drugs or Alcohol allowed on the premises


Please be advised that although we have an awesome club house with seats and toilets, no food or drinks are available for sale. Please ensure you bring food and drink with you.

Right of admission reserved. Staff reserve the right to remove anyone who does not abide by these rules, and any rules as stipulated on the day, without refund.

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