Skid Control and COVID-19

25 March 2020
An update on COVID-19 and Skid Control

At Skid Control we value our customers well-being both physically and mentally, Skid Control was born out of the need to have fun in cars to get away from it all and enjoy yourself in a safe environment. We feel the need for this is even more important now with COVID-19 causing the chaos, but we do have limitations that we need to adhere to, and as such here is our standing during the current climate.

Our Thoughts and what we are doing to minimise spread of the virus at our events:

  • Firstly, going for a drive is currently allowed and is an isolated activity. Driving to and from events doesn’t differ from this in any way.
  • Our events have seen major changes in the way they are run to minimise the spread. We do not allow access to indoor spaces; all participants are strongly encouraged to stay in their car or far away from others if the need to be outside arises. All sign-ons will now be done at your vehicle with staff using suitable hand sanitiser and the recommended distances. Until further notice, no spectators and passengers are allowed unless completely necessary (driver license, towing, etc). All of our events that do run will have the gates shut and all access in and out of facilities will be closely monitored and managed. Finally if you have any symptoms related to the Corona Virus, have travelled or been exposed to someone tested positive for the virus, STAY AT HOME! We will gladly move your spot to a credit for use in the future..
  • We have explored the moral responsibility on stopping our events and although we agree that everyone should stay at home unless necessary, with the current climate we feel the need to have an outlet for drivers is even more important now and can be done when managed correctly. We will continue to do this for as long as we are allowed to by relevant authorities or facility owners.
  • Scott Morrison stipulated in his update today (25 March 2020), all businesses not listed must continue to operate with relevant precautions in place. Scott Morrison does not want to completely shut down the economy or put more people than is necessary out of a job.
  • We are members of the Australian Driver Trainers Association and even they have advised to continue with driver training and suitable measures in place.

Firstly, let’s tackle the bad news. As of Today:

  • Queensland Raceway has cancelled all events at their facilities and they have closed all of their venues until end of April at a minimum. This affects all of our Lakeside DTC, Lakeside Main Track, QR DTC and QR Main Track events up until the end of April.
  • Morgan Park Raceway has closed their facility until the end of June, this affects all of our Track Days at Morgan Park until the end of June.
  • We are currently waiting on confirmation from Ipswich City Council on the state of the dirt track at Willowbank, we will update as soon as possible.
  • All current orders for affected events will automatically be issued with a credit for a future booking valid for 12 months as of today. We would appreciate the support of all drivers by holding onto these and making use of them when this is all over. Should you wish to receive a full refund, please send us your order number and bank details by email to and we will endeavour to process these for you as soon as possible.

Alright, now that that is out of the way, let’s end this with a bit of Good News:

  • Unless otherwise announced after today (25 March 2020) Mt Cotton has not and will not cancel our events due to their low numbers, open air space, participation from in their cars, gate access control and suitable health measures in place. We will be looking to add more of these events in the coming weeks!
  • During this time, we are working on something exciting, something that doesn’t require a venue. Details will follow soon, and we hope to see the same support as we have at all of our events to date.
  • You can support us in the meantime by becoming a member or buying hats online, which are now listed and ready to be shipped for as long as deliveries are functioning:

Stay safe everyone, we are set for very hard times. We at Skid Control, will continue to strive to find an outlet for all of our passionate drivers!

Thank you for your support and understanding

Dylan Cothill
Skid Control

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