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Welcome to Skid Control

Are you looking for Driver Training or to learn Advanced Driving Skills? Are you interested in driving on a Skid Pan, Drift Track, Race Track, Khanacross or Rally Track in Brisbane?

Skid Control offers Driver Training for Advanced Driving Skills to all levels of drivers. We also offer you the chance to test you and your car on a Skid Pan, Drift, Race, Rally and Khanacross Track in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich in Queensland. At Skid Control you choose to learn or have fun at any of our driving disciplines in a safe, relaxed and social environment with like-minded enthusiasts and professional instructors!


Skid Pan

At the Skid Pan you learn to control a slide on safe, low speed tracks that are full of fun. The skid pan is low wear and tear on your car and tyres as it is run on a wet track. Free, friendly and professional instruction is available for all drivers who want to learn or improve their driving.


She’s In Control

She’s In Control offers an opportunity for women to share the passion of driving together and learn valuable skills, including steering, vision, and controlling a slide.

Monthly events will range between skid pan, khanacross, rally, and more!



At our Rally Days you learn to slide, handbrake and race your car off-road like a Rally Pro. The track is a smooth clay base and is suitable for all vehicles and street tyres with minimal stones. We welcome any car to these days, from your daily drive to a full spec Rally/Track car.


Track Race Training

At our Track Race Training we take you through everything you need to know on a Race Track. Full briefing first and then on track in a lead-follow group where the lead instructor car will show you the racing lines, braking points, apexes and exit points gradually building up speed.


Khanacross &
Tarmac Rally Sprint

Our Khanacross and Tarmac Rally Sprint days are one of our best “in-between” days for developing your driving and driving against the clock in a memory based course where driver skill, vehicle setup and memory all play a part in going fast but even the most basic car can be fast!


Performance Driving

The Performance Driving Courses are run on dry and wet track throughout the day and include: Advanced Driving Techniques, Slalom, Vision, High Speed Braking, Motorkhana, Khanacross, Understeer and Oversteer! Drive some of the Skid Control Fleet!


Test n Drive

Test n Drive is an open day for you to drive for as little or as much as you like. No formal layouts, no timed sessions, this is all about you and your car for a full day of more track time than you can handle. Wet slip or Dry grip, this is the day for you!



Setting a new standard, our Drift events are run at multiple venues and suit drifters of all levels.

We have secured venues never seen before, and we are the licensing authority for Queenslanmd Raceway main track drifting!


We run events weekly and cover all disciplines of driving so there is always something for you!


Professional Services

Are you looking for Stunt or Precision Drivers? Are you looking for purpose built stunt, precision, race or special occasion vehicles? Are you looking for qualified and corporate driver training services?

With our 50+ combined years of competitive/professional driving and teaching, we have built a team of Professional Drivers and Quality Vehicles that cover all forms of driving. We have identified a clear and regular need for corporate driver training where the latest driving techniques and teachings are used and taught in an enjoyable, informative way. This is where we have come to expand our professional services to all industries looking to have their driver training needs handled by a professional, modern driver training company.


Precision and Stunt Drivers

Our drivers have both professional and personal experience in film, motorsport and other driving industries. All of our drivers are well presented, quality driven and super easy to work with.


Film and Stunt Vehicle Hire

Skid Control has built a fleet of vehicles second to none, all are regularly used within our company and have achieved many results in motorsport! All vehicles are clean, well maintained and available for your desired need a dress up.


Corporate Driver Training

Our non-accredited course are unique as there are no limitations in place, but our trainers hold all available driving qualifications available today. These include qualifications in Training and Assessing, Mine spec 4WD training, Learner Driver training and much more.


Bespoke Training and Driving Services

Do you have a specific need not currently catered for in the industry? Are you looking for a professional company to host your driving related event? Allow us at Skid Control to help you by continuing to grow and service the driving industry outside of the norm.




Skid Control


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