Award winning driver training and events by Women, for Women!

The She’s In Control events give ladies an opportunity to experience track events with an all-female instructor line up and all-female participants.

Whether it be learning to control your car in a slide at the Mount Cotton Skid Pan, or trying to beat the clock at a khanacross, we have something to suit your skill level.

She's in Control


Hannah Busch

Hannah has been a car enthusiast for many years and thoroughly enjoys circuit racing.

She is currently part of the pit crew for the Australian & Queensland Production Car entrant, Levitt Motosport, with their Mercedes C63.

Hannah is as good behind the steering wheel, as she is behind the lense. As one of the masterminds behind the She’s in Control Brand, she brings a lot to females in driving!


Michelle Van Der Wilk

Michelle has been rallying at a state level for a number of years.

For the past two, Kass Brumley has joined her as navigator, forming one of the very few all-female teams. Michelle has won the QLD Novice Rally Series both as a co-driver (2017) and driver (2019).

Michelle has always been an incredibly important part of the Queensland Rally championship and always helping new drivers get into the sport she loves.


Zara Waller

Zara has been around the Motosport scene all her life, with her family regularly competing.

She has become more involved in recent years, demonstrating her amazing skill with the camera at many rally, drift and circuit events.

Zara has also been very instrumental at creating a women in Motosport community, helping everyone become involved through social media.

Catch Zara getting up to her antics at all of the She’s in Control events, never a dull moment.


Kass Brumley

Kass is an automotive photographer at the highest Australian level, who has been shooting for Supercars since 2019. She was even an Honorable Mention in this year’s Supercars Media Awards. She also happens to be a Rally Navigator in the QRC with Michelle as the driver  

She was a Canon Collective Ambassador – teaching groups of photographers her craft.

Kass is the epitimy of She’s in Control, using all her time with the crew to improve her personal driving skills.


We run events monthly so there is always something for you!

Other Events

MTAQ Award Winner
MTAQ Awards Presentation

Skid Pan

Ever wondered what your car is like when you drive too fast on a wet slippery road? Here is your opportunity to experience this and learn how to control and recover. This event is best suited to rear wheel drive cars, but you can still have heaps of fun in front wheel drive car with a proper (not electric) handbrake.


Short, tight sprint tracks where it’s you against the clock. Any car is suitable (within noise constraints) and it’s a great event for you to learn how to hard brake and accelerate. Get the most out of your daily drive and watch your skills improve during the day!

Grip n Slide

Step up from the Skid Pan, the wet tracks are a similar experience to the skid pan but with more grip! And there is also a dry track (similar to khanacross) where you can sprint your car to the finish.