Got a Question?

At Skid Control we get a lot of questions, so to make things a bit easier we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions below to save you time.

What is your refund/credit/date change policy?

We understand that from time to time you may need to cancel your booking and as long as you give us more than 7 days notice from the event, we will gladly refund your booking minus any payment fees, offer a credit voucher or move you to a future date.

If you need to cancel within 7 days of the event, we cannot refund you but we will endeavour to sell your spot and if we manage to do so, we will move your booking to a future date of your choice within 12 months.

For private bookings you are charged a deposit of 50% which is non-refundable once paid and the date secured since this is now secured with the venue and paid for. Date changes with more than 7 days noticed from date of event may be considered with a 25% fee on the full amount due.

Do you cancel events due to adverse weather conditions?
Most of our events are suitable for all weather conditions which means they hardly ever get cancelled.

In the unlikely case that we need to cancel an event that hasn’t gone ahead or cancelled within the first half of running, we will offer to move your spot to an alternative date within 12 months. Alternative dates can either be a specially organised alternative date or on one of the future public days already booked.

No refunds are given in the case of a weather cancellation.

How old do I need to be to participate?

We have a few different rules at each venue, and they are:

Mount Cotton Skid Pan
Minimum of L’s in your own car or P’s in one of our hire cars. If you do not hold a license, you need to be over 18 in your own car or over 21 to hire one of our cars

Other Venues
Drivers need to be at least 16 Years old, no license required. We do allow 14 year old + drivers on a case by case basis, but need to hold a racing license of some sort. Get in touch for more information.

What if I am a minor/under 18?

All persons under the age of 18 are considered minors, and to participate in an event a minor is required to be signed in by a Legal Guardian who is required to be present at sign on for the event

The legal guardian may also be asked to provide proof of legal guardianship on the day, with any of the following:
– Parents Medicare card listing the minor and the legal guardian
– A court order or letter of guardianship signed by a judge when they were appointed as guardian by a court

If you are an independent minor you will have to provide government or court documents confirming your independent status.

We unfortunately cannot accept friends signing for underage participants unless they hold legal documents confirming their Legal Guardianship of the minor.

We will require proof of age if we suspect you are under the age of 18, it is a requirement that you have a suitable photo ID confirming your full name and date of birth.

How do I make sure my car is ready for your events?

When you get into enthusiast and motorsport driving disciplines, it is often that you will use an unregistered vehicle which means it might not be in a roadworthy condition. Therefore self scrutiny and checks on your vehicle are a MUST before attending our events (even if they are registered). Here are our recommended checks on your vehicle before you attend a Skid Control event:

– All panels, lights, wheels and windows are present, fully secure, operational and in a respectable condition
– Seats and Seat belts are secure without any unnecessary movement. Unfortunately Lap belts are not suitable for motorsport or enthusiast events
– All participants in the vehicle to be wearing enclosed shoes
– Vehicle is completely leak free, no oil, coolant, fuel or any other fluids should be leaking from your vehicle. This is for your safety, the safety of other drivers and a good way to ensure the tracks last longer
– Tyres have a suitable amount of tread across the entire surface (2mm +), there is no canvas showing and tyre pressures are at a suitable level (if you don’t know what this is, set it to the manufacturer recommended pressures as found on the tyre placard or owners manual. The max pressure on the tyre is not the recommended pressure.)
– Brake pads with more than 5mm of life, fresh fluids and no leaks
– Tow hooks present or fitted for any recoveries
– Loose items removed from the vehicle, this includes anything on the floor and in the boot
– Battery secured and all terminals tight

In addition to the above, the following is required for our speed events
– AU/NZ/EU standards approved helmets with chin strap done up
– Full length clothing for all participants in the vehicle, only 1x passenger in the front seat. Racing suits, Gloves and shoes recommended
– Fire Extinguisher highly recommended to be fitted to the vehicle
– Tyre pressures adjusted to manufacturer recommendations when HOT (car manufacturer on street tyres, or tyre manufacturer on more performance based tyres)
– Harnesses and HANS/Simpson devices recommended
– Full containment seats recommended
– Full Vehicle bolt check recommended

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch directly so we can help you make sure you are ready to drive with us!

Are we allowed passengers?

You are allowed passengers at every event apart from our Track and Track Training Days.

Passengers need to be secured in the vehicle and have filled out the same waiver form as the driver. Passengers are to be 7 years or older (14 years or older for speed/competion events), be out of a booster seat, secured properly and have to have their waiver signed by a legal guardian of over 18 years old. Please ensure they are secured in the car properly.

Do you offer instruction?
Yes, all of our events offer free instruction from an experienced instructor at the event.
What are the rules for using your cars?

We care about our cars and regularly use them in various motorsports and activities. For this reason we are required to sit in the passenger seat for your first session or more (at the discretion of the instructor) to help you enjoy the day and to ensure you are looking after the car. We aren’t nannies though, the cars are built to be driving at the event and you will get the most out of them.

We expect you to drive the vehicle as if it were your own, follow all instructions provided and risk will be minimised. You are not responsible for damage to vehicles caused by mechanical failures, other vehicles, outside influences or small incidents. You may be liable for repair costs in the event of a major crash caused by over driving or not following instructions provided to you on the day.

How safe is it?

Most of our events are setup to be as safe as possible within the driver training industry. We are however pushing cars to limits they won’t experience on the road and as such there is always going to be a risk of damage to a car or the participants in the car.

We do not offer any form of insurance for participants own vehicles and we ask that all attendees ensure their car is safe and that they are secure in their vehicle in case something does happen. Our hire vehicles are all fully insured for driver training.

We are proud to say that, to date, we have not had a major incident at any of our events.

Do you do private sessions?
Yes we offer private hire at all of our venues, we also offer corporate packages which include much more. Get in touch today to find our pricing!
Do you have noise limits?
Some of our venues do have noise limits and they are stipulated below:

Mount Cotton Skid Pan
Mount Cotton is our most strict venue, where the EPA (Environment Protection Act) applies due to being in a residential area. Testing is randomly carried out and anything over 70db(a) at the perimeter is silenced. We offer free silencing materials and can show you how to fit it.

To give you a rough idea of how loud that is, any vehicle within the Department of Transport road noise restrictions is generally ok (standard or mild exhausts) but can still go over if revving too high. Most of the time we can avoid silencing if revs are kept down and not needed anyway due to how slippery the surface is.

Absolutely no cammed V8’s, screamer pipes or Rotaries that have anything other than a standard exhaust. It’s not even worth trying to silence these down, see our Gympie Skid Pan as an alternative.

Lakeside Driver Training Centre
Lakeside has noise limits in place they are 95db measured at 8 meters behind vehicle. Mufflers are a must, absolutely no straight through exhausts. The is also No Drifting on Dry Surfaces and tyre squeal to be kept to a minimum on the dry tracks. Sliding only on the wet concrete sections

How do I book my spot?
Easy! Visit our Events and Booking page and select your event in the calendar. Select the green tickets button and checkout online as you would with any online store. We take Bank Transfer, PayPal and Credit Card payments through PayPal.

We do not hold spots and payment secures your spot.

Where do I find my refer a friend coupons?
Got a few few friends to book using your referral URL? Awesome!
All of your coupons and codes will be in your account

If you still haven’t found the answer to your questions below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.