Professional Stunt, Precision and Motorsport Drivers

As instructors for Skid Control, we all cover a variety of driving disciplines and we all have to be at the top of our game to be able to teach and drive at the level required.

Our drivers have both professional and personal experience in film, motorsport and other driving industries. All of our drivers are well presented, quality driven and super easy to work with.


Dylan Cothill

Dylan, the owner of Skid Control, comes with over 14 years experience in international driving and instructing.

Over his driving years he has finished in on the podium in 90% of his races, competed in many drift events, and teaches all driving from Rally, Drift, Race and 4WD!

  • Stunt Driver for many films including the Toyota Europe Covertible 86 Concept
  • Driving Instructor for training companies in USA, UK, Australia and South Africa
  • Drift Squad Exhibition Driver for D1S in South Africa
  • Owner and Instructor for Skid Control
  • Film car driver for many other Film Companies

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Trent Laves

Trent, a professional kart racer, took a hiatus from racing to study Engineering.

Drawing on his racing experience and technical approach to driving, Trent started instructing for Skid Control in 2016 to share his knowledge with others and has since developed a passion for advanced driver training.

  • Multiple regional titles and also became QLD kart champion in 2003
  • QLD Endurance champion
  • Multiple street sprint event wins consistently finishing in the top 10 overall
  • Outright winner at the 2020 Noosa Winter Hillclimb

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Kester Ward

Kester is what we call a perfect product of Skid Control. Not all that meet’s the eye!

With most of his experience being Sim based, he turned to Skid Control to learn and grow into a top level driver! He has proven his ability so much that he is now an instructor and driver for the company.

  • 2020 Noosa winter hillclimb class winner
  • Former crew chief for speedway speedcar (midget)
  • Rally Navigator
  • 4 years experience in performance driver training


Hudson Sinclair

Driver Bio Coming Soon!

Purpose Built Film and Stunt Vehicles for Hire

Hiring vehicles for your driving and filming needs can be tough when vehicles are generally average, standard and unsuitable or just not offered by a company that understands your needs!

Skid Control has built a fleet of vehicles second to none, all are regularly used within our company and have achieved many results in motorsport! All vehicles are clean, well maintained and available for your desired need a dress up.

All of our vehicles come with one of our professional drivers as needed to operate the vehicle for your specific needs.


Nissan R35 GTR

The pinacle of the Skid Control fleet is our Nissan R35 GTR. Known as Godzilla and always showing Supercars up on the race track, this is a weapon of a vehicle.

It is a full Motorsport Australia compliant race vehicle with full roll cage and 2x race bucket seats for safety.

This is the perfect vehicle where high speed and grip is needed, and all packaged with full motorsport safety for participants in the vehicle.


Toyota Supra GR

The newest vehicle in the fleet is the much talked about Toyota Supra GR.

This 2 door road going Sports Car is very comfortable at low speeds with refined BMW suspension but when you put your foot down, it’s takes off instantly with all of it’s turbo power!

Sharp handling, comfortable interior, sleek looks, it is a special vehicle and has many uses both straight, through corners and even sideways!


Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The 4WD, go anywhere, film anything!

The Wildtrak is a remarkable 4WD vehicle with suitable tyres and an offroad system that allows it to go where others can’t.

The vehicle is fitted with roof rack and an open rear tray for all of your gear. It is also rated to tow up to 3.5tonne, there really isn’t much this can’t do for you!

Being the Wildtrak, it also hosts a premium interior so that you can be comfortable during your hire.


Hot Hatch Cup

Small Buzz Box, Full Race Spec!

New to Skid Control is a BRAND NEW entry level race series called Hot Hatch Cup, and we have a few different models for your project.

These cars are simple, cheap, small front-wheel drive cars that have all the Motorsport Australia required safety gear to race at a National Level.

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Professional Defensive, Low Risk and 4WD Training

At Skid Control we offer only the latest and modern teachings in driving covering Defensive, Low Risk and 4WD training.

Our courses do not offer an accreditation due to limitations in place utilising this pathway, but our trainers combined hold all available driving qualifications available today. These include qualifications in Training and Assessing, Mine spec 4WD training, Learner Driver training and much more.

What this approach allows us the opportunity to do is build a course much more directly related to your needs to ensure your drivers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to stay safe and complete their daily driving tasks efficiently.  


4WD Training

4WD training is becoming more and more important in the corporate world, and with much higher risks involved, it is extrenmely important to ensure your rivers are equiped with the knowledge and skills to operate a 4WD vehicle in the safest way.

Courses cover vehicle technology, using the 4WD system, terrain navigation, driving techniques, vehicles recovery and much more!


Defensive Driving

As your drivers are exposed to many changing environments on the public road, equiping your drivers with some advanced defensive driving tecniques is a good way to keep them safe.

In these courses your drivers will be exposed to a vehicle in an out of control, and taught how best to deal with each type. They will also learn advanced driving techniques never taught during the licensing process, and leave the day as well equipped as possible to be able to handle many situations safely.


Low Risk Driving

One of the latest in driver training is the acknowledgement that the best types of driver training you could give your drivers is how to minomise their risk on the road.

Techniques taught in this course are advanced braking, vision, following distances and many more ways to reduce their risk whilst sharing the public road with other road users of all backgorunds and abilities.


Bespoke Courses

Have something unique you need to get your driver’s trained up for?

With our vast experience in a wide variety of driving disciplines, we can put together a bespoke course for your drivers and ensure they leave with the knowledge and skills required to fulfil their driving duties for your organisation.