Mt Cotton High Performance Driving – 31 March 2019 – Fully Booked


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Fully Booked

Back in 2019 is our quarterly run High Performance Driving day at Mt Cotton. For this price you get a full day of dry and wet performance driving activities, 2x Skid Control vehicles to drive, refreshments and even a lunch half way through the day!

The cost is $290 with our official Skid Control vehicles supplied, and you get a chance to drive your own car at every exercise!

The day runs from 08:30 – 16:30, be at the gates at 08:00 sharp!

The course starts on a large vehicle maneuvering area where you will participate in various activities including: Advanced Driving Technique Introduction, Slalom, Vision Circle, High Speed Braking, High Speed Direction Changes, Short Track Drive and Motorkhana!

After a short lunch break (lunch supplied) we will move over to the skid pan where you will be introduced to Understeer, Oversteer and how to recover from both of them in our cars. After these two sessions we move over into your car to do both understeer and oversteer experiences, followed by a fourth session to have fun in your own car! At the end of the day we will have a skid pan driving challenge and a wrap up with awards for various drivers on the day.

All registered vehicles are welcome, this includes all drive types from FWD, RWD to AWD.
The event will run for 8 hours and is limited to 16 drivers, crazy amount of driving time!


  • Limited to 1 spectator per booked spot, only 16 drivers per event
  • No drifting
  • No cars over 90db allowed on track and management reserves the right to remove any vehicles over the limit (random sound tests are carried out, EPA limits apply)
  • All vehicles have to have a current registration
  • Closed shoes and seat belts to be worn by all participants
  • No loud music, revving or general hooning off the track (we all need to be respectful of one another)

Please be advised that although we have an awesome club house and lunch is provided, we highly recommend bringing drinks and snacks with you to keep your energy up on this demanding day of driving!

Right of admission reserved, all staff reserve the right to remove anyone who does not abide by these rules, and any rules as stipulated on the day, without any refund.