Test n Drive Lakeside – Brisbane – 1 December 2023


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With a full day of open track time and limited numbers, enjoy this relaxed day full of driving!

This is NOT an event, it’s an open day for you to drive for as little or as much as you like. No formal layouts, no timed sessions, this is all about you and your car!

The day runs from 09:30 – 16:30 and you can arrive at any time during the day.

The day is very informal and there for you to enjoy!
The venue will change its layouts and driving disciplines through the day. This includes Wet Skid Circle, Skid Pan/Stunt Pan, Grip track and more.
All registered and unregistered vehicles are welcome.


  • All 16+ drivers welcome! (Unlicensed/Learner drivers are to have an experienced driver as passenger and experienced track drivers that are underage, 14+ experience track drivers are welcome by prior arrangement with Skid Control)
  • Noise limits apply, 95db measured at 8 meters behind vehicle
  • Mufflers are a must, absolutely no straight through exhausts
  • No Drifting on Dry Surfaces and tyre squeal to be kept to a minimum on the dry tracks. Sliding only on the wet skid pan areas
  • Closed shoes and seat belts to be worn by all participants
  • Helmets are required for the high speed activities during the day
  • No loud music, revving or hooning off the dedicated track area
  • No Drugs or Alcohol allowed on the premises



Please be advised that although we have an awesome club house with seats and toilets, food or drinks may not be available at the canteen (depends on other events at the same time), so please ensure you bring food and drink with you.

Right of admission reserved. Staff reserve the right to remove anyone who does not abide by these rules, and any rules as stipulated on the day, without refund.

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